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Owner Hannah G. Day Hart

It all started with a dream...

Oh hi there!

    Thank you for stopping by my website. 

    My name is Hannah Day Hart. I'm a young lady who has been trying to dress modestly my whole life. As a young lady who dresses modestly, I know the struggles of trying to find modest clothing! I've left stores feeling very discouraged. I've even at times searched all over the internet at modest boutiques and still had a hard time finding what I wanted.

    As a young girl, I dreamed of one day having my own modest boutique and eventually my own clothing line. On May 15th, 2019, my dream of having a boutique became a reality. In the summer of 2023, my dream of having a clothing line became a reality. Each time I get an order from you all, I get so excited because I know that my dream is becoming a reality! 

     Most of the time when I get new arrivals, me and my sisters go out in the yard and model the clothes. Sometimes I take the photos and they model the clothes and sometimes I model and they take the pictures. Sometimes a few of my besties will come over and we will have a photo shoot. 

     I don't like it when I order something online and it comes in an ugly bag and a plastic pouch. It is so much fun to get a package that is wrapped up so dainty. I still remember when I packaged my first ever sale from Etsy. I was fifteen years old. My mom helped me package the sale. She showed me how to put lots of care into making a pretty parcel. A handwritten note is a must. I remembered this experience. Now, I have decided to add a little sunshine into every package for Hannah Gabrielle. You will just have to see for yourself how it is packaged when you place your order. I never was one to ruin surprises. (;

Thank you for taking the time to read our story! If you ever have any questions or anything, feel free to reach out to me. I love hearing from you all!


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