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This program is for those who are just starting out and growing their accounts. This will help you gain trust with brands and get more exposure. You do not need a large following yet. Simply apply. You will need to purchase the clothing for the collaboration. If accepted, we will give you a coupon code to share with your audience and we will more than likely share your post with our followers. 


Must be following us.


This program is for those who are already influencers. Once accepted, You will receive $30-$100 of clothing to post. You will also receive a coupon code. We will also more than likely share your post. 


Must be following us

Must have 10K followers or more

Must have an average of at least 500 likes per post


1. You may not resale any gifted clothing.

2. You must post all agreed upon content if items were gifted. (If there is ever a problem, contact us) We typically prefer a reel and a try-on story.

3. We are not obligated to reshare your content.

4. Your collaboration post should not include alcohol, foul language, or explicit references.

5. The pictures and/or video should clearly show the outfit.

6. You must be following us.

7. By signing this, you agree to the above rules.

Apply to Collaborate

Thanks for applying to collaborate with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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